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Wacky Packages is a brand of trading card sized stickers that first gained popularity in the early 1970’s. From 1973-1976 Topps issued 16 original series. The series was re-printed in several forms through the 80’s (my fanboy heyday). In 1985 a new series was released with minor fanfare. Another series was released in 1991 with similar response. The brand lay dormant for nearly 20 years when in 2004 Topps decided to relaunch Wacky Packs with all guns blazing. This time the brand caught on with kids again and the All New Series continues it’s successful run with an 8th series released in the summer of 2011. Aside from the popular sticker series, the brand has expanded to include “Wacky Erasers”, limited edition “Wacky Postcards” and an ongoing series available from Topps Online called “Wacky Packages Old School” featuring parodies of products from past decades.

What are Wacky Packages?

What is the “art” of Wacky Packages?

It is the combined effort of artists and writers, often one in the same, who dream up and illustrate spoofs of well known products to be printed as images on 2x3 sticker cards.

Who am I?

Mark Alfrey. I am the creator of this site and the owner of all the Wacky Packages art shown herein. I do not own the image rights, only the paintings. The image rights are the exclusive property of The Topps Company Inc. Though I am an artist, I am not a Wacky Packages artist by reputation. I was fortunate enough to write and paint a few Wacky Packs for Topps. But the images in this gallery are from my personal collection. This is not my portfolio. I am merely a fan of the work these artists have created for Topps and I wish to share it with you here. To offer a closer look at the detail and artistry that goes into creating these stickers.